Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Gum Surgery)

Plastic surgery was a medical sub-specialty devoted to the modification or restoration of form & function. Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery was the best-known kind of the plastic surgery, it may includes reconstructive surgery & microsurgery, both are elements in the periodontal plastic surgery (peri – around; odont – tooth).

Periodontal specialist/periodontist generally performs these kinds of procedures, or general dentist who were taken advanced training in the plastic periodontal surgical procedures. More success rates of the periodontal plastic surgery are relates to the periodontal surgeon's know-how, i.e., knowledge of anatomy & experience of which techniques to use & when to use them.

Periodontists was usually considered as the plastic surgeons of the dentistry. If you are looking for improving your smile, a periodontist will able to help you.


Do you feel that your teeth was looking too shorter & your smile was too gummy or your gums are covering too much of some teeth and while by leaving the others the right length? If this was the problem then, dental crown lengthening will be the best solution for you. During this technique, excess of the gum tissue was detached to expose more crown of the tooth. Then your gumline was sculpted to make your new smile just the right look.


Sometimes gum recession may cause the tooth root to become exposed, which will make your teeth look long & make you look older than you present age. This recession may happen by the result of a range of the causes, which includes periodontal diseases.

Gum graft surgery & other root coverage techniques were designed to cover the exposed roots, to decrease the further gum recession & to protect the vulnerable roots from decay.


Tooth loss may cause an indentation in the gums & jawbone where the tooth used to be. This was happened due to the jawbone recedes when it was no longer holding a tooth in that place. Not only this indention unnatural looks, it may also cause the replacement of tooth that will look too longer when compared to the adjacent teeth.

Ridge augmentation may seal this defect & recapturing the natural and original contour of the gums & jaw. A new tooth will then be created which will look naturally, easy to clean & beautiful.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery