One Day Teeth Implant

Losing a tooth can be a upsetting and disappointing experience for anyone, especially when faced with the thought of going out with a glaring gap in your smile. Teeth in One Day is a innovative new technique that will provide you with one or even an entire set of functional and beautiful new teeth in only one day. For the replacement of all the teeth in the upper jaw or lower jaws, or to replace a entire set of traditional dentures, All-on-Four technique are being used to provide with a new entire set of permanent teeth. This procedure uses same Teeth in a Day technology to place all four dental implants. These four implants all together form a base for full set of permanent dentures. Since the dentures are held in same place by dental implants, they will appear as like as a set of permanent, natural teeth and same action they will perform. Amazingly, this entire procedure can also be performed in a single day this is called TEETH IN A SINGLE DAY.

  • Treatment time and complexity is drastically reduced.
  • The patient can avoid additional bone grafting in the surgery.
  • It is very cost-effective and quite comfortable way of restoring large gaps or complete arches.
  • It is a relatively quick therapy, with most of the treatment part being completed in one day.


Not like traditional tooth implantation procedures that will take weeks or even months to complete the entire steps but in the unique Immediate Function™ technology implements 3D CT scans to make a complete three-dimensional view of your mouth from the inside out. This system gives us an instant and entire picture of your teeth, gums, and bone density so that dentist can calculate exactly the implant needs to be fixed properly, along with the type of replacement tooth needed for the job. This is how your dentist is fully organized to place your dental implant after one quick and detailed scan by computer system within a single day.